Using TradingView signals for the bot

You can use TradingView signals as a starting condition of the bot.
That is, before starting each new cycle, the activated bot will wait for the signal from the TradingView platform.
To start using TradingView signals, you need to:

1. Turn on this feature in the settings of the bot
2. Create a signal on the TradingView platform

Please note that you will need a paid PRO subscription on the Tradingview platform (at the time of writing this article is $14.95).
We would be grateful if you could register on our

1. Enable the bot to work on Tradingview signals.

For this purpose it is necessary to activate the checkbox «Enable bot work by signals Tradingview» when you create/edit bot in the menu «Signals Tradingview» and then save bot.
This menu contains information that will be useful when creating signals on TradingView

В данном меню находится информация, которая пригодится при создании сигналов на TradingView, это

  • URL for the signal;
  • Signal message (this message is unique for each bot).

2.Creating a Signal on the Tradingview platform

You need to log on to the Tradingview platform, open a chart of the desired trading pair and select the desired indicator.
Then click on the clock icon.

The Signal Creation menu will open. Then click to create an alert:

Configure the alert by selecting the trigger condition, parameters, and name. Note that warnings can be one-time and repetitive. A one-off will work only once. If you want to repeat the signal to to the bot, choose the repeated type of weighting (for example «once per bar»)
In the notification actions, activate the web Hook URL checkbox and insert the link from the “Signal URL” field that is displayed in the bot settings.


In the warning message insert text from the field «Message for Signal».

Then click the create button, the alert will appear in the warning list.

When the alert condition is triggered, the signal will be sent via a web-hook to the bot and it will start trading.

IMPORTANT! If, in addition to the Tradingview signal, the bot is given filters to start, they must also be passed in order for the bot to start a new cycle.

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