The issue of insider trading on crypto markets

Former OpenSea product manager Nathaniel Chastain was detained in the United States. He was accused of insider trading of NFTs and subsequent money laundering. State prosecutors believe he made use of OpenSea’s sensitive data for his own purposes. This is the by far the first case in the history of insider trading when an actual arrest takes place.

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ICP/BUSD – What about this Pairs trade?

“What about this Pairs trade?” is a new format of introductory articles created by RevenueBot. Every week we will be providing you with updates on a new trading pair that has reached the top, according to the transactions completed through the platform. In addition to providing information about the token, we will also check the trading pair in a bot simulation and see how much of a profit the trader could have made on it, over a period covering the past 60 days.

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BTCUSD exchange rate forecast for June 20 — 26

Cryptocurrencies were exposed to the liquidity crisis which is typical of the crypto space, it led to a drastic fall in the price of crypto even before the Fed’s rate hike on Wednesday. Once again, it was caused by the liquidation of large positions owned by Three Arrows Capital, a notorious crypto hedge fund, resulting in the outbreak of contagion across several DeFi platforms. Things were looking bad last Monday, even before the U.S. markets started trading. 

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